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Velké Losiny Chateau

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50.0231611N, 17.0311800E
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9:00-16:00 April,October (Saturday, Sunday)
9:00-17:00 May,June,September (Tuesday - Sunday)
9:00-18:00 July,August (Tuesday - Sunday)
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   The history of Velké Losiny will be forever associated with the Žerotín family, rulers of the area for three long centuries. This powerful and wealthy clan left behind some exceptional sights such as the Renaissance Church of John the Baptist, and the Baroque granary, above the entrance to which you can see the family’s coat of arms.
   Velké Losiny’s most significant sight is its chateau. When you see the wonderful three-storey arcading and sgraffito decoration, you’ll understand why it’s said to be one of the finest Renaissance buildings north of the Alps. During a tour you’ll see the Banqueting Hall with its exquisite cassette ceiling, the Knights’ Hall and the chateau picture gallery, where works by Italian, Flemish and Dutch masters are displayed.
   Velké Losiny is a place with a dark past where 17th century witch trials at the chateau gave it an infamous reputation. The witch hunts and inquisition took place in late medieval times and the beginning of the modern era. The infamous Great Courtroom, where the inquisition pronounced its judgements on so-called witches, still retains an eerie atmosphere.
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   At the end of the 18th century the Žerotíns fell into debt and began selling their estates. In 1802 they had to sell the family seat in Velké Losiny to the Princely Family of Liechtenstein, in whose possession it remained until 1945.
   The interior of the chateau is composed of numerous rooms richly decorated with works of art and furniture in Renaissance, Baroque, Classicist, and Biedermeier styles.
   The most valuable works in the collection are three Gobelins from the 17th century from the workshop in Aubossun (France) with scenes from the ancient legends of Amor and Psyche, three Gobelins from Delft in the Netherlands (1st third of the 17th century) with scenes from the story of Anthony and Cleopatra, and the oldest Gobelin with scenes of the Roman hero Mucius Scaevola (2nd half of the 16th century).

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