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St Nicholas Church (Chrám sv.Mikuláše)

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      St Nicholas Church

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   The Baroque church of St. Nicholas is an inherent part of Prague Castle panorama. The church is located in the heart the Lesser Quarter, at the foot of the Prague Castle.
   It was built in the first half of 18th century on the site of a Gothic church from the 13th century, which was dedicated to St Nicholas. Jesuits hired a designer Giovanni Domenico Orsi to build a new church. The construction of the church completed Krystof and Karel Ignac Dientzenhofers.
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   The church is richly decorated with ceiling frescoes, some of the largest in Europe, accompanied by sculptural works. It is undoubtedly the masterpiece of Baroque style and the most famous Baroque church in Prague.
   It is possible to climb to the bell tower which offers beautiful views over the Lesser Quarter and towers of Charles Bridge.