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Maisel Synagogue (Maiselova synagoga)

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      Maisel Synagogue

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   The Maisel Synagogue was built in the end of 16th century as a private house of prayers for Mordechai Maisel, the mayor of the Prague Jewish Quarter.
   It was the first Prague synagogue accessible by women. According to chronicle reports it became the most opulent building in the entire Jewish Quarter - not only due to its dimensions but also its three-nave arrangement, not typical for that time. It was damaged by a great fire in 1689. It was rebuilt several times and its present neo-Gothic form comes from the end of 19th century.
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   During the Nazi occupation of the Czech lands, properties of the Czech Jewish communities were gathered in the Maisel Synagogue. After the World War II the synagogue became a seat of the Prague Jewish Museum. Due to its bad technical conditions the synagogue was closed for a couple of years in the 20th century, but after the Velvet revolution there was made the necessary reconstruction and the synagogue was opened for visitors again. There is an exposition of Jewish history in the Czech lands from the beginning (9th century) till the age of Enlightenment (18th century).