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Loreto (Loreta)

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   Loreto can be found a few hundred metres from Prague Castle at Loreto Square (Lotetánské náměstí). It is the beautiful Baroque complex consisting of a cloister, the church of the Naivity of Our Lord, a Holy Hut and the steeple with its world-famous carillon.
   The monastery shelters the Loreto treasure. The treasure is the collection of three hundred works of art. The most interesting item is the diamond monstrance called "Prague Sun", designed by Viennese goldsmiths at the end of the 17th century.
    Beyond the Loreto Chapel may be viewed the pilgrimage Church of the Naivity of Our Lord with the beautiful Rococo interior and Baroque organs. Every Saturday the organists play concerts for the visitors.
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   Inside the monastery can be seen the faithful copy of the Holly Hut (Santa Casa). It is the place in Nazareth where the Archangel Gabriel announced Virgin Mary that the Son of God (Jesus Christ) would be born from her blessed womb.
   The Prague Loreto is the biggest and most famous copy of Santa Casa in the Czech Republic. It is visited by thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year.
   Inside the clock tower there is hidden the Baroque carillon from the end of 17th century. Its tunes may be heard every hour from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.