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Kost Castle

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50.4901828N, 15.1350694E
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10:00-16:00 April,October (Wednesday - Sunday)
09:00-17:00 May,June,September (Tuesday - Sunday)
09:00-18:00 July,August
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   Kost Castle lies in a magical landscape of forests and sandstone rocks, which is rightly called Bohemian Paradise due to its charms.
   This fortress was originally built after 1371, probably by Beneš of Wartenberg, who had the long hall and tower erected as a defensive castle.
   It allegedly got its name from the fact that its walls are as hard as bone (kost means “bone” in Czech) and not even the Hussite general Jan Žižka was able to capture the castle. During the tour, you will learn about the owners, the Kinský family, or get to know the medieval torture chamber. The executioner Herman or Count Octavian will be your guide on your trip through the mysteries of the castle.
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   Today Kost Castle is one of the major tourist attractions in the Czech Republic, also thanks to its charm, facinating exposition of authentic weapons and lifestyle in the middle ages.
   Despite a lot of renovation activities, the original silhouette is well-preserved. Its dominating elements are the rectangular Bílá Věž (White Tower) and a smaller cylindric tower named Lidomorka (Hungry Tower). The premises comprise the original Kost Castle and the Renaissance Bibrštejn and Lobkowicz Palace (added later). Visitors are offered four guided tours.
   Visitors of Kost castle can enjoy the magical atmosphere of the surrounding forests and lakes while taking a bike tour or even tour the countryside by horse. The castle offers cultural visits but also many attractions such as a medieval tournament which happens under the castle walls.

      How can you get there by bus from Prague

   The best way to get to Kost (station Libošovice) is by bus. Buses leave from subway's station Praha Černý Most on line B. Click here to find bus from Prague to Libošovice.