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Emmaus Monastery (Emauzy)

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      Emmaus Monastery

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   The Prague Emmaus monastery (Emauzy or Emauzský klášter in Czech) is an abbey founded in 1347 by King Charles IV. It was the only Slavonic monastery of the Bohemian kingdom. The liturgical language used by the church was an ancient predecessor of Czech. .
   The name Emauzy was derived from the gospel, according to which Jesus met with his followers near the village Emmaus. This gospel is read during the Easter season every year.
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   In the 14th century the Cloisters of the Monastery were decorated with 85 wall Gothic paintings with parallels from the Old and New Testaments. The cloisters also feature frescoes with signs of Pagan symbolism from the 14th century. The monastery underwent the Baroque reconstruction in 17th-18th centuries. During the 2nd World War the monastery was seized by Nazis and were destroyed by the bombing in 1945. In 60th 20th century the ruined towers were replaced by the sculptural wings.
   In the cloisters you can find the remains of Gothic wall paintings in the Church of the Virgin Mary, devoted to St. Mary, St. Jerome, St. Cyril and St. Metod. The complex is not far from the Prague city centre and is located half way between the Charles Bridge and the Vyšehrad castle.