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Bouzov Castle

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49.7049386N, 16.8893872E
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9:30-12:00 12:30-16:00 April,October
9:30-12:00 12:30-17:00 May,June,September
9:30-12:00 12:30-18:00 July,August
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from 160CZK/person to 190CZK/person
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    The medieval Bouzov castle is definitely one of the castles in Moravia which you can’t miss. And not just because a number of movies were filmed on its premises - from Czech fairy tales to the Italian princess Fantaghiro, but also because unlike other medieval settlements, this castle has never gone to ruin. Starting in the late 15th century it was in the hands of the Teutonic Knights.
   Over the course of centuries the castle has undergone changes in both appearance and function. Until roughly the middle of the 16th century the castle served exclusively as a defensive structure. In the middle of the 16th century the castle burned and following renovations at the beginning of the 17th century it became mainly a residential structure. However, during the 18th century only the buildings below the castle were used and the castle itself was quickly falling into decay.
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The castle is fully furnished and equipped. The furniture comes mainly from the private collections of Archduke Eugene Habsburg and partly from the collections of the German order. Modern equipment was then tailor-made specifically for the building. The most valuable part of the castle is the Neo-Gothic chapel, fitted with a Gothic altar and decorated with the tombstones of the masters of the Order from the years 1395 to 1515 The Castle Armoury, the original Gothic hall of the old castle, is equipped with samples of weapons.    
   From the guided tours you can visit several routes dedicated to representational and residential premises of the castle with fortification elements and technical facilities, such as the historic distribution of heat and water, or you can ascend the watch tower as well as visit the courtroom and observatory. In the cellars of the castle, your kids will enjoy the exhibition Dragons and Dragonslayers, which is devoted to life-size fairytale dragons and the knights who fought them.

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